Wedding & Events

Corporate Theme Dinner & Events

Our clients love the fact that we develop and deliver exciting and creative event themes and ideas transforming their ordinary, mundane events into a big impact show with glitter and glamour.

Awards nights, Gala dinners, client functions, rewards and recognition events are some of our most popular choices for a corporate event from our various theme options.We can cater the entertainment to accommodate the evening’s agenda, with post-dinner folk and sufi music acts, or short performances between awards.

All our corporate and theme dinner and events are backed by professional event management company and consultants.

Traditional  Wedding :

The guests are divided into two groups to form bride and grooms sides. A traditional ceremony is arranged one couple from the group is chosen as bride and groom. The men are dressed in white kurta pajama and colorful turban; ladies are dressed in colorful Rajasthani dress or Salwar Kameez with colored scarf. Building is beautifully illuminated, brat processing with groom on horseback is led by other men and decorated camels, and Horses band flaming torches and musicians. On arrival of Barat party at fort they are received by ladies, welcome drinks are served groom is then led to marriage ceremony venue which is beautifully decorated with flowers & ferry light in the middle of the garden and bride follows later. All other group members are then seated on the mattress and bolsters all around the venue in the garden. A Hindu Pandit then performs the rituals and commemorates the marriage ceremony, while cocktails, drinks and snacks are served followed by gala dinner served a low tables. The dinner ends with fire works display Photographer / Video man can be arranged on request. The newly wed couple is then escorted to the suite decorated with flowers.

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